Karting Track Access

Rules :

The outdoor track isn't valid to FFSA for the moment, but it's always open for the kartings. A private insurance is to be taken on site.

(14€ by pilot)

Compulsory equipment on karting :

- Front and rear shock pares

Mandatory pilot equipment :

- Daily insurance to be taken the same day at the circuit (14 €)

- Fireproof combination

- Karting gloves

- Approved full helmet

- Karting high boots

- Environmental carpet mandatory 

Anyone who does not have the required equipment will be denied access to the track without refund.

Prices :

Week :

28€ the day

24€ the half day

Week end and public holiday :

35€ the day 

25€ the half day

12€ for an additional pilot

The year :


The runs are alternating karting / motorcycles in low season. (September -> June)

In high season (July / August) the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and the week are alternately Karts / Rental / Motorcycles

All year long no karts 1st and 3rd weekend of the month

In all cases, renting remains a priority.

Details of days and times : Click here

For the transmission we advise you :

- X30 --> 11/81 ou 82

- Rotax  --> 11 ou 12 (origin) 80 (78 for the best)

- KZ --> 17/25 (16/24 for the heaviest)